Sheena is an experienced and inspirational keynote speaker, famous for working from Milan to Scotland. Connecting with multicultural audiences while demonstrating proactive spirit, Sheena is an excellent example of how to attain your goals in a focused and organised manner.


Now working Internationally from Milan to London to Scotland, Sheena engages and connects with audiences from every culture, business and background, has true emotional spirit and demonstrates it is never to late to live your dream laughing out loud, inspired and most importantly taking action.

Whether you’re looking for a powerful keynote speaker, conference host or facilitator, we guarantee to help you create a professional, entertaining and memorable event.

Relevant Qualifications:
* B.A . University of Stirling: Business, Marketing, HR, Training & Development
* Member Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) No 11265262
* This academic achievement is supported with 20 years of hands-on delivery in a range of roles as both Business Manager and HR Manager having operational, experience in Corporate, Public and Small Business sectors.
* NLP Practitioner
*Graduate T Robbins Strategic Intervention Coaching

Are you the CEO or Manager or an Elite Sports Professional? Achieving your desired results fast is possible with The Champion’s Academy! Special Olympian coach Sheena Walker, B.A. uses established business techniques to transform your staff into Corporate Olympic Athletes; resulting in demonstrable business benefits.

The Corporate Champion’s Academy can heighten performance levels and develop passion for a wide range of skills and unique tools. These quantifiable techniques will prove to be an instrumental asset to your company. The experience Sheena has gained during her time in top-level sports offers up a winning advantage to her clients, resulting in an optimal environment for her target audience.

Sheena understands that every organisation has their own unique goals, and faces different challenges. Her game plan involves working with business leaders and defining specific performance objectives. Developing performance improvement programs, which are addressed to each company’s individual needs and objectives is integral to her delivery process.

Sheena speaks on

The Olympic Winning Edge
Sheena’s expert strategies offer a difference to her clients. Unique presentations, tailored to each individual client, deliver a precise and competitive advantage to you, your people, and your company.

Podium Success: Champions are Obsessed with Productivity & Results
Getting the results that take you to the top of your game are among the top goals of any business professional. How are these results created? What about elite performers differs from the average person? The secret lies with passion— every game has its hero but behind each great celebration is hours of planning, extensive training and true absolute determination to be at the optimal performance level.

Sheena has this passion for performance and has discovered the formula for Olympic Winning Strategies. She will help you apply this formula to your career, your business and your team. Using this sport methodology, Sheena can share the secret that will take your organization to the next level, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Winning or Losing Leadership: When Performance Arrives, Preparation has Passed
As a leader, how do you describe your ability to tackle tough situations? Dealing with the demands of the role includes maintaining a state of psychological preparedness. Learning the Seven Principles of Habitual Excellence will help you adjust with new situations in your unique game. Learning to bounce back and to not let obstacles stop you is the first step towards success.

Obsessed with the habits and processes of top performers, Sheena will help you adopt the principles that instill energy, passion and confidence. Earning the respect of those you lead will make you stand out as a successful leader — Successful Leaders are those with successful daily habits.

Becoming a Spotlight Speaker: Winning in the Board Room
An athlete approaching the starting line of an important competition invokes a heightened awareness of fears, insecurities and a substantial adrenaline boost— it’s game time. That same sensation is no stranger to a boardroom filled with senior executives at the beginning of a presentation. Achieving peak performance in your presentation skills will mean the difference between winning and losing; between gaining new clients, chairing important meetings and even giving difficult feedback to a team member. All of these scenarios require “match winning” performance skills.

Throughout this powerful session, Sheena will highlight four common challenges that might hold you back. Identifying these challenges properly, and countering with winning strategies will herald you as a great speaker and top-level presenter— it’s no mistake while such characteristics have become the hallmark of quality leadership. By using our signature model, you will achieve positive results.

Become a Corporate Celebrity
Becoming an established authority within your field means learning real world skills. In order to achieve the position of the go-to industry professional, you must be able to deliver a clear message, and strive to break through performance boundaries.

Brilliance at a Glance: Magic Moments for your Customer
Can you recall the last time you delivered brilliant customer service? Did you receive feedback?

Do you know what your past clients say you are great at?
During this session Sheena will highlight the most notable habits that will garner the attention of your customers and have them bragging about the service you’ve provided for them— in other words, the tactics that will get you noticed. The most amazing realisation is that exceptional service costs nothing. Making your customers feel brilliant, through providing a unique and tailored experience, will inspire them to tell others about you.

Sheena has trained her team to champion change in customer service, fostering an improvement in performance and enhanced productivity. This path consistently leads towards a growth in profit.

Sheena will share Nine Habits to WOW your Customers; a powerful message that your clients will love, and will develop a maintainable level of customer loyalty.


Testimonial from Jane Martin, J.A.M Ltd & Councillor for Saxon Shore, Kent. Sheena is inspirational – this was the first thing I noticed about her. A good listener and someone who can focus on whats important, creating a solid list of priorities in order to achieve a given goal. Sheena is an excellent example of how to achieve goals in a focused and organised manner and is a great consultant for anyone wishing to move progressively forward as she will guide you over all the unexpected hurdles.

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