The entrepreneur revolution has created a paradigm shift where budding professionals can spot innovative opportunities and turn them into commercial success. The greatest asset to any modern business professional is strong, confident, and inspirational speaking.

The Idea of the Entrepreneur Revolution is that rules which created commercial success in the past have undergone radical change. Working and behaving the way we have in years gone by is certainly no longer a guarantee that success will follow in the years to come.

This ‘revolution’ has created a great shift in society where budding entrepreneurs spot opportunities and act to turn them into a commercial success. In support of this I deliver an innovative solution that has proven to be very successful in solving the range of business development challenges, and can be tailored to fit specific needs.

“The Secrets of a Corporate Athlete Model” (Intellectual Property)

This Unique Branded System (UBS) model addresses seven key areas of performance improvement. This is delivered through workshops, training and development days incorporating presentation, public speaking, leadership and mentoring skills following the model. Using innovative and creative ways to mentor and develop staff, clients and students.

The Pillars of Performance using my SUCCESS Model cover the areas of:

We help Clients have a game plan to win, stay ahead of competitors and use to their best advantage. We provide tools to increase profitability, decrease expenses and improve staff resources. We encourage a passion for performance and strive to deliver consistently using sport methodology to deliver high performance level.

(Rock Star) Speakers System
We use the latest cutting edge techniques to help Clients communicate messages effectively, develop their confidence in delivering sales pitches, team meetings or public speaking to improve performance, sales and productivity.

The Inner Game of coaching
Using our program Clients learn how to coach others to a higher performance and deliver invaluable staff capability. Knowing how to coach others with our innovative coaching model is the greatest skill to develop leaders who will stand out as elite performers with increased motivation and productivity.

Laser Leadership Logistics
We train leaders to be heart centred, promote a spirit of team work and loyalty, inspire people to pull together and instill confidence and passion in the people they lead. Imparting a diverse range of skills, actions and behaviours such as integrity, values and beliefs which encourage staff to follow.

Leading Edge Training in a bag
We make Client training go like clockwork to hook their audience, linking training practically to the job through getting staff buy in. Our objective based training is clear and concise giving staff that competitive advantage. It is proven that highly skilled staff increase profit margins by a significant percentage.

Sure Swim System
Using the Disc Behavioural Profiling system which has been evolved to meet changing workplace demands we address the specific behavioural skills needed for a more successful and productive workplace.

Master Mentor Machine
We establish a relationship to change Client mind-set and raise levels of performance to maintain growth in tough trading environments whilst developing skills in leadership and communication which contribute towards career and company advancement.