What would great speaking skills do for you? The Pitch PerfectTM courses program is ideal for students, managers, coaches, consultants, and other business professionals. Learn more about our Spotlight Model and Boot Camps.

What Would Great Speaking Skills Do For You?

Who will benefit from Pitch Perfect Creator Model?

• Managers who are looking to have more impact and influence
• Students who have to put together presentations as part of their college work
• Coaches and Consultants who want to get more clients by speaking to groups
• Professional speakers who want to sharpen their speaking skills and improve their ability to make irresistible offers for people to buy from them
• Business owners who want to position themselves as an authority and become the leaders in their industry
• Sales people who want to up their game by presenting and influencing groups
• Beginners who need someone to point them in the right direction and help them get started on the road to becoming a better speaker
• Anyone who wants to get on stage in front of larger audiences and become a more confident speaker

Title: Pitch Perfect Fear Free Model
Course outline 1 Day

With our Pitch Perfect Fear Free model you can become a confident and polished presenter with an increased income to match.

We are going to deepen your knowledge and broaden your ability to have truly accomplished presentation skills so you can present confidently and comfortably without ever running out of something to say.

• Learn our unique Fear Free System: to overcome fear of public speaking
• Practical techniques on vocal delivery, body and nerve management
• Position yourself as an expert with new speaking skills to impress
• Learn how to engage and connect with your audience in business
• Free 4 hour evening event hot seat business coaching (Unique Branded Solution)

Title: Pitch Perfect Boot Camp
Course Outline 1 Day

Being a great Speaker has been a hall mark of quality individuals for decades and today it is more important than ever.

Now we are going to deepen your knowledge and broaden your ability to have truly accomplished presentation skills so you can present confidently and comfortably, rather than having dry boring predictable presentations and death by power point. You will discover the art of making your points and illustrating them through stories, anecdotes and a step by step system which will set you apart and be an established authority in your field.

Course Outline: Go From Good To Great Public Speaker

Discover the four core attributes of a professional Pitch Perfect speaker in this powerful and entertaining programme. You will learn the Pitch Perfect System that will enhance the level of your public speaking, leaving your audience inspired, entertained and informed and a WOW speaker through the use of personal experiences, stories, examples and audience participation. Sheena will take the audience on an emotional journey to become inspired to take the practical learning’s and integrate them into their life, work, career and business. As a result they will be positioning themselves as the ‘go to’ expert in their field.

Great presentation Skills: Discover how to build the first 20 minutes to captivate your audience to learn from the word go, motivate and train.

Unique Brand: Pitch Perfect discovers how to position yourself as an authority in having your own unique framework for people to follow. This step-by-step guide (think one minute manager) is your own identity and brand.
Structuring Your Talk: Pitch Perfect Boot camp is a system of exercises and examples to build your talk point by point. Mastering this model will make you become the most captivating speaker your company, industry or university has ever seen.

Engaging your Audience: The art of using story telling to command attention and keep your audience super-engaged. How to be unique and position yourself, own the stage and move around like a professional.

Deliver a Dynamic Speech: Learn how to tell life – changing career- building and sales inducing stories. This is a skill that will give you a competitive edge to illustrate a message to inspire motivate, teach and train.

Pitch Perfect For Business

Customised onsite and off site training for your organization

Courses 1 day bespoke to 6 months mentoring

Discover the benefits to your company by applying our Pitch Perfect speaking system to your staff. Whether you are an athlete approaching the start line in an important competition, or you are waiting to be called to do a presentation to a room full of senior executives, many of us experience thoughts that spotlight our fears and insecurities about the challenges we are about to face.

Would you like to enhance your performance in presenting? This could be the difference between winning or losing a new client. However sports men and women on top of their games manage to turn this negative internal critic into a positive match winning experience.

In the work place boardroom meetings, staffs need to put on match winning performances, make presentations, chair important meetings or even give difficult feedback to a team member. How often do you think you can wing it without sufficient training or preparation?

Increase your staff moral and motivation by providing fun, educational and relevant training. Increase your employees’ communication effectiveness from conducting meetings, conferences, webinars, group interactions, 1-1 presentations and briefing meetings.

So whether you are training for your next triathlon or preparing for a big work event, make sure you are aware of all the different aspects that come into play and prepare for them all.

Course Content

Here are some of the important things you will learn:

• Build yours public speaking skills and confidence in a very safe environment
• Get public speaking and presentation skills coaching
• Improve and grow with professional feedback
• Learn the latest public speaking and presentation tips
• Learn to articulate yourself well and with impact
• Learn to think better and faster on your feet
• 12 Business training bites to support your business

In each workshop and class we focus on a particular aspect of business and public speaking and we practice it with other members in the group in a safe and coached environment.

Our monthly mastermind workshops are designed using the latest tools of public speaking to help you become more confident and comfortable in front of groups of people and help you articulate your thoughts in a clear and organised manner

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