Regardless of vocation or position in your industry, we all have moments where the spotlight is on us, highlighting our insecurities. Conquer the fear of public speaking while boosting employee morale, and gain investor support with us at Gleneagles Hotel. Whether you are an athlete approaching the start line in an important competition, or you are  waiting  to be called to do a presentation to a room full of senior executives, many of us experience thoughts that spotlight our fears and insecurities about the challenges we are about to face.

Are you having trouble presenting?

  • Are you a CEO, Manager, HR Professional, Sales Rep, or other professionals who has to regularly speak in front of a crowd?
  • Do you feel your presentations could be a tad (or lots more) powerful?
  • Do you get nervous before and while you are presenting?
  • Do you want to learn how to make an impact and deliver memorable presentations Each Time you present? 

Did you answer YES to any of the above questions then you are at the right place at the right time.

Continue Reading, ONLY if You are Fed Up with Delivering Mediocre Presentations and You Are Ready to Learn How to Stand Out with Your Delivery…!

Fear of Public Speaking is ranked as the #1 fear – higher than fear of death – so when you stand up in front of a group to speak, everyone else looks up at you, expecting an excellent delivery. No one wants to see you fail. Are You Meeting or Exceeding Your Audience’s Expectations? Let’s face it, the content you are delivering can be earth-shatteringly great, but if you fail at delivering that content effectively, you Will NOT get the results you’d expect. With an effective presentation – be that leading a meeting or trying to influence a board of directors – you can literally impact lives:

  • Motivate and boost employee morale… or bore them death and demotivate them (HR/Management)
  • Get investors to support your goals… or leave them confused
  • Influence prospects to become customers, and customers to become repeat customers
  • Generate sales and gain lifetime customers (Sales Professionals)
  • Can even get co-workers or employees to like you, trust you, and respect you more… or lose trust or respect if your presentations are dragging or are otherwise ineffective

The Time is Now – Register Today and Start Delivering Presentations that Leave an Impact. Join us at the Exquisite GlenEagles Hotel, on February 4, 2015, for a Day of Fun & Learning!

Join us for a full day workshop, and learn from two of the UK’s top-rated public speakers and performance trainers, and become a better speaker, better salesperson, business owner, performer and more confident in all of your communications – on or off stage!

This is like no “training” or “workshop” that you’ve ever attended in the past. The Pitch Perfect Easy-Speaking System™ is a complete immersion experience designed to help you build the public speaking skills you need and leave equipped with know-how and strategies that will stay with you for a lifetime. After attending this event you’ll be able to stand up confidently in front of any crowd and present like a real pro, leaving your audience energized and impressed.

Sheena & Jackie are two of UKs top Public Speaking trainers. They created the Pitch Perfect Easy-Speaking System™ to help people just like you master presentation skills in the shortest time. They’ve helped 100s of other professionals overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident and effective speakers. Join Us & Start Presenting Like a Pro. We invite you to attend this event ONLY if you are truly committed to becoming an impactful and effective public speaker and presenter.

Join us in the comfort of GlenEagles Hotel on February 4th, 2015, for this hands-on workshop where you’ll have a chance to learn and practice Public Speaking Skills that will help you be a more powerful presenter and public speaker for the rest of your life!

3 More Reasons You Should Attend this Event:

  • This is as intimate as it gets – ONLY up to 8 Participants – where you’ll have a chance to develop your public speaking skills in an intimate, safe and supportive environment.
  • You learn these skills once, and they’ll stay with you for a lifetime. And best of all, you’ll be able to showcase your newly learned skills the very next day after the training.
  • If not now, then When? Don’t put this off. The sooner you learn to present effectively, the sooner you’ll see more success in your career and life.

Meet Your Presenters:

Sheena Walker

Sheena Walker – the “Queen of Business”

Sheena is an internationally known speaker, who coaches and trains managers, CEOs, Sales Professionals, and professionals from all walks of life, from Milan to London to Scotland. Sheena is a Tony Robbins company trained performance coach and a former Olympian swimming trainer. She teaches her clients performance principals used by Olympians and most effective executives. She’s delivered her Pitch Perfect RockStar Public Speaking system to organizations of all sizes. BYOU News Magazine called Sheena “The Queen of Business.” She’s a regular guest on radio shows and the author of numerous articles and training programs. With Sheena as your presenter you are guaranteed to enjoy an educational, entertaining, and memorable event.

“It is not very often that I personally write recommendations because it is not very often that someone does an exceptional job of inspiring me. Sheena is an amazing speaker and motivational coach.”
Daud Nasir, PMP, PMO, Best-Selling Author

“I have known Sheena for a number of years and she is an exceptional person.her skills in Public speaking know no bounds and Sheena inspires, motivates and gets folk to push their boundaries. Her intellect is outstanding and I loved the time I spent working with her.”
Bruce Taylor, Business Consultant & Strategist

This is Your Chance to Become the Public Speaker…
You Always Wanted to Be…
Don’t Let it Slip Away…
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