The Pitch PerfectTM Guru system has been the success secret of CEO’s, Sales Directors, Project Managers, and Entrepreneurs. Sheena Walker offers real-time feedback, script improvement, and development of your personal speaking style.

The fastest way to grow as a speaker is to find a coach and improve your content and delivery to perfection. The techniques you use will only shine if they become part of you.

As the founder of the Pitch Perfect Guru system I have coached CEO’s, sales directors, entrepreneurs , product managers and all of them became speakers that stood out. Sometimes 1 hour of coaching may give you more progress than a year of self-practice.

Following your enquiry, I will prepare and outline a plan to support you in achieving your speaking goals.
During our Skype or face to face coaching lessons we will use a variety of techniques to help you to get from where you are now, to where you want to be, such as:

• Feedback to your videos
• Real time delivery coaching
• Improvement of the script
• Feedback from others
• Application of new unique public speaking techniques
• Development of your personal speaking style

I will work with you in the following areas
• Corporate presentations
• General presentation skills
• Public speaking
• Keynotes
• Motivational speeches
• Sales presentations
• Business start-up presentations

Contact Sheena – Get in touch to book your free overview session and let us help you become a key person of influence

comma-leftDeenita Pattni endorsed the work of Sheena at Sheena Walker Executive Training & HR.
Sheena Walker is a true inspiration – on and off stage. After graduating from Public Speaker’s University and becoming a member of the Platinum Professional Speaker’s Academy, Sheena has excelled in her area of expertise. She is a leader, oozes confidence when on stage and is a true motivational spirit when she speaks to her audience. With an inspiring, emotional and successful story that encompasses her journey, she proves why she is a great role model to people today – whatever age! For a woman in sports, Sheena has the ability to inspire young people to go for their dreams and encourage those born in later generations that it’s never too late. A powerful and feminine businesswoman! If you need someone to speak to your audience, and immediately connect and make a difference, then Sheena is someone I highly recommend. December 4, 2012, Sheena was a consultant or contractor to Deenita at Viamii Recruitment & Training.comma-right